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Valen Information&Media Technologies Co. Ltd. Has been founded in 2009 by focusing Data Center Management, Industrial Computing and Digital Signage as a VAD(Value Added Distributor) which supplies the hardwares to system entegrators and enterprises.
It represents the leading brand, RARITAN Inc in Data Center Management Field and NEXCOM, IBASE companies in IPC market.  It has a large install bases in Audio&Video Extension field with HANWELL brand in Shopping Malls, Hospitals and University Campus areas.


From 2010; it has developed the experience on Industrial and Outdoor LCD displays by starting HYUNDAI IT and LITEMAX, leading manufacturer for high brightness LCD Displays.
After improved its skills, experience and product portfolio in Industrial Computer base solutions, VALEN Supplies the HW&SW solutions to system integrators and enterprises both domestic and abroad especially Mobile Security, Smart Traffic, Telemetri Solutions.

It’s started to be representative for one of the best company on DC power distribution and metering, TELECT, after achieved a lot of experience on Data Center Management Solution both domestic and abroad.


Mission  : To be a leading VAD company focuses on the enterprises within professional and solution oriented manner.

Vision    : Provide the best breed of products and technologies to the market with innovative perspective.