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  • VGA Cat-5 Distribution System

VGA Cat-5 Distribution System

  • Features
  •  MBS series can broadcast AV signals using Cat5/5e/6 cable between Transmitter and Receiver. Cat5 Enhance UTP cable is
  • used for superior video quality.
  • The maximum broadcasting distance is 300 meters and by stacking more system transceivers, it can extend AV signals up to
  • 00 meters.
  •  PC Cable Kit is used to carry VGA Video + Audio, support all VGA format and with a maximum capacity of
  • 2048x1536@300m (highest VGA card)
  • Remote and local monitors and speakers can broadcast simultaneously
  • Built-in video gain and focus control to adjust the video quality
  • Support Plug & Play; Software not required;
  • Built-in LEDs to indicate system status
  • Cascading capacity to extend the AV broadcasting
  • A magnetic pad and attachable metal plate for single-port unit to simplify installation
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MBS-300 series distribution system is used to transmit Audio and Video signals over Cat5/5e/6 cable. The maximum distance

reaches up to 300m and the whole system can amplify AV signals up to 900m by stacking more system Transceivers. You can

broadcast the AV signal from PC, KVM switch, matrix AV switcher, or use optional TV box or converter to connect DVD or

other multimedia output devices. The FOCUS and GAIN Control in back of the Receiver can be used adjust video quality

easily. Installation is simplified and the AV signal is amplified by using UTP cable. The VGA distribution system is the perfect

solution for Digital Signage broadcasting.