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HWg-STE: Ethernet thermometer

The HWg-STE web thermometer is configured using a built-in web server. If the temperature (humidity) exceeds a specified threshold, an e-mail alert is sent. Free windows software HWg-PDMS for graphical overview and MS Excel export included.
The HWg-STE IP Thermometer is fully SNMP compatible.


• Temperature monitoring, E-mail alert to overheating or temperature drop
• Windows software, AC power adapter and temperature probe included
• Simple installation, supports DHCP


Optional accessories:

• Humidity probe
• Temperature and humidity probe for installation in a 19" rack
• Waterproof, stainless-steel temperature probe, -50°C to +125°C (-58°F to +257°F)
• Fridge / Icebox temperature probe, flat cable, -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)



Air conditioning failure

Temperature monitor; rising temperature indicates cooling fault.


Heating system monitoring

Remote monitoring of a heating system, alert by e-mail or SMS (Email-2-SMS) to a danger of freezing.
Temperature report to MS Excel available.


Cooler/freezer monitoring

Sends an e-mail if the cooler malfunctions. Logs operating and storage conditions. Temperature reports.


Heating optimization

Web thermometer saves heating and air-conditioning costs. Temperature reports for MS Excel.


Food storage

Monitors optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.


Remote rack monitoring

Temperature / humidity monitoring inside and outside of a rack, SNMP monitoring.

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Monitoring software


HWg-PDMS (Poseidon-Damocles Monitoring System) periodically collects input and sensor values from units connected to a LAN (Poseidon, Damocles, HWg-STE). Collected data are periodically saved as MS Excel reports.

  • Registered version is free of charge for 3 sensors
  • Collects data over a LAN (using http from the device IP address / by e-mail)
  • Data collection runs in the background as a Windows service
  • Graphical overview of the collected data
  • Temperature report for MS Excel (runs periodically in the background - generate XML database)