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Dominion LX

Dominion LX

Affordable, high-quality, KVM-over-IP for the evolving small or midsize business

Dominion® LX is Raritan’s affordable KVM-over-IP switch that provides IT managers in small and midsize business (SMB) environments with local and remote BIOS-level server management in 8 port and 16 port switches (expandable to 256 servers with tiering).
It’s ideal for Small to Midsize Businesses looking for a small footprint and reliability with affordability.

Additional Features

True Multi-User Switch

An independent local port enables simultaneous local and remote sessions to two different servers. Up to 8 remote users can control a single server.


Web-Based User Interface


Same user interface, local or remote, means full management functionality and a consistent user experience that is easy to learn.


A Synchronized Mouse


Absolute Mouse Synchronization provides perfect synchronization without changing server mouse settings - the ultimate in plug-and-play!


HD Video Resolution


Remotely access digital applications on remote servers with remote 1920x1080 video resolution and advanced color calibration.


Three Available Models


Choice of hardware models that enable simultaneous access by one or two remote users to 8 or 16 servers

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DominionLXModel Description ProductDimension(WxDxH), Shipping WeightandPower Environment
DLX-108 Economical8-portKVM-over-IPswitch, 1remote, 1localuser, virtualme dia,singlepowerandsingleLAN 11.45"x10.63"x1.73";


Singlepower100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.5A, 30watts, 25.794kcal/h
OperatingTe mperature:0°–40°C (32°–104°F)

Humidity: 20%–85%RH
DLX-116 Economical16-port KVM-over-IPswitch, 1remote, 1localuser, virtualme dia, singlepowerandsingleLAN
DLX-216 Economical16-port KVM-over-IPswitch, 2remote, 1localuser, virtualme dia, singlepowerandsingleLAN
FormFactor 1U,rackmountable(bracketsincluded)
LocalAccessPorts 1U,rackmountable(bracketsincluded)
SampleVideoResolutions PCtextmode:640x350,640x480,720x400
80x1050,1600x1200, 1920x1080
Ports 8(DLX-108)or16(DLX-116,DLX-216)
Users Local user; 1 or 2 remote users (modeldependent)
Network Single10/100/1000gigabitEthernetaccess,dual-stack:IPv4andIPv6
DominionCIMs AvailableforUSB,DualUSB,UniversalVirtualMedia/AbsoluteMouseSynchronization,PS2,Sun,SerialDevices Dimensions(WxDxH)=1.7"x3.5"x0.8";43mmx90mmx19mm(dualUSB)and 1.3"x3.0"x0.6";33mmx76mmx15mm(otherDCIMs)
Cat5 MCUTP Cables KVM UTP cable forPS/2, USB, Sun– lengths from0.6m (2 ft.)– 6m (20ft.).Specifications:RJ45<->HDB-15M,mini-din6x2(PS/2),USBtypeA(USB/Sun)
Warranty* Twoyearsstandardwithadvancedreplacement