Endüstriyel Fansız Bilgisayarlar

  • NISE 105/105A
  • NISE 105/105A
  • NISE 105/105A
  • NISE 105/105A

NISE 105/105A

Intel® Atom™ Processor E3826 Dual Core Fansız Endüstriyel Bilgisayar

  • Dahili Intel® Atom™ İşlemci E3826 dual core, 1.46GHz
  • Dual Independent Display from DVI-I and HDMI
  • 2 x Intel® I120IT LAN ports support WoL, Teaming and PXE
  • 2 x USB2.0 & 1 x USB3.0
  • 4 x COM ports (COM1&COM2 with RS232/422/485, jumper-free setting)
  • 1 x Optional Interface for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G/Automation modules
  • External RTC battery holder for easy replacement
  • Support -20 ~ 70 degree C extended operating temperature
  • 9-30VDC Giriş
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Powered by the latest generation of Intel® Atom™ processor E3826 (formerly codenamed "Bay Trail-I"), the NISE 105 provides outstanding performance not only on computing but also on graphics, and it presents a brand new opportunity for both intelligent and industrial computing solutions. NISE 105 supports up to 4G DDR3L memory and have several options on storage devices like CFast, HDD and SSD. The NISE 105 is also the 1st system in Compact NISE 100 series to support extended operating temperature from -20 upto 70 degree C with wide DC input range from 9-30VDC. In addition to no cable connection on the NISE 105, it brings NISE 105 the sustainability to work in harsh environment both with temperature and vibration concern. The NISE 105 has high integration ability with optional Mini-PCIe module and 4 x COM ports, which makes it a real intelligent system for various applications such as factory automation applications (with optional PROFIBUS, ProfiNET, DeviceNET, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP master module), network applications (with optional GbE LAN, Wi-Fi, 3.5G/4G LTE module) and communication applications (with optional GPIO, RS232/422/485). NISE 105 is definitely the top choice for M2M intelligent system and factory automation platforms.

İşlemci Desteği

  • Dahili Intel® Atom™ İşlemci E3826 Çift Çekirdekli, 1.46GHz
  • Support Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor family from Single Core E3815, Dual Core E3825/E3826/E3827 and Quad Core E3845 with difference SKUs

Ana Hafıza

  • 1 x DDR3L SO-DIMM Socket, Support DDR3L 1066/1333 4GB RAM
  • max., un-buffered and non-ECC

Görüntü Özellikleri

  • Dual Independent Display
    • HDMI and DVI-D
    • HDMI and VGA (via DVI-I to VGA converter)
Giriş/Çıkış Portları(Ön)
  • ATX Güç Aç/Kapat Anahtarı
  • 1 x Power Status/1 x HDD Access/1 x Battery Low/1 x Programing LEDs
  • 1 x External CFast socket
  • 1 x SIM Kart Girişi
  • 2 x Intel® I210IT GbE LAN Ports, support Wake on LAN, Teaming and PXE
  • 1 x DVI-I Display Output
  • 1 x USB3.0 (900mA per each)
  • 1 x USB2.0 (500mA per each)
  • 2 x DB9 for COM1 & COM2, both support RS232/422/485 with auto flow control
    • Jumper-free setting on RS232/422/485
    • Support 5V/12V/Ring function by jumper setting, Ring as thedefault (COM2 Only)
  • 1 x Uzaktan Güç Aç/Kapat Anahtarı
  • 1 x 2-pin DC input, support +9 to 30VDC input
Giriş/Çıkış Portları(Arka)
  • 1 x USB2.0
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x RTC Battery
  • 2 x DB9 for COM3 & COM4
  • NISE 105 : support RS232 only
  • NISE 105A: support RS232/422/485 with auto flow control
  • 1 x Mic-in & 1 x Line-out
  • 2 x Antenna Holes for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G antenna
  • 1 x Optional I/F for optional miniPCIe Wi-Fi/3.5G/Hilscher Automation module output
Giriş/Çıkış Portları(İç)
  • 4 x GPI and 4 GPO (5V, TTL Type)

Depolama Aygıtı

  • 1 x CFast (SATA3.0)
  • 1 x 2.5" HDD (SATA2.0)
  • 1Mb NVRAM(on NISE105A Only)
Genişleme Yuvası
  • 1 x Mini-PCIe socket for optional Wi-Fi/3.5G/Hilscher automation modules

Güç Gereksinimleri

  • Güç Girişi: +9VDC to +30VDC
  • 1 x Opsiyonel 24V, 60W Güç Adaptörü

İşletim Sistemi Desteği

  • Windows 8, 32bit/64bit
  • Windows Embedded Standard 8, 32bit/64bit
  • Windows 7, 32bit/64bit
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7, 32bit/64bit
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7, 32bit
  • Linux Kernel version 3.8.0


  • 185mm (W) x 131mm (D) x 54mm (H) without wall-mount bracket


  • Alüminyum ve Metal Kasa, Fansız Dizayn

Ortam Koruma

  • Çalışma Sıcaklığı:
    • Ambient with air flow: -20°C to 70°C with industrial grade device (According to IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-14)
  • Depolama Sıcaklığı: -30°C to 85°C
  • Nem: 10% to 95% (non-Condensing)
  • Şok Koruma:
    • HDD: 20G, half sine, 11ms, IEC60068-27
    • CFast: 50G, half sine, 11ms, IEC60068-27
  • Titreşim Koruma w/HDD Condition:
    • Random: 0.5Grms @ 5~500 Hz, IEC60068-2-64
    • Sinusoidal: 0.5Grms @ 5~500 Hz, IEC60068-2-6
  • Titreşim Koruma w/CFast & SSD Condition:
    • Random: 2Grms @ 5~500 Hz, IEC60068-2-64
    • Sinusoidal: 2Grms @ 5~500 Hz, IEC60068-2-6


  • CE Onaylı
  • FCC
  • Class A