Mobile Industrial Computers

Vehicle Mount Display

NEXCOM offers a series of vehicle mount display monitors that are fully compatible to be connected with VTC Series in-vehicle computer. Featuring automatic and manual brightness control, NEXCOM's vehicle mount display offers daylight readability to assist users to obtain real-time information or data without troubles. Moreover, with IP54 certificate, NEXCOM's vehicle mount display differentiates itself with other consumer monitors.

Product Model NameLCD SizeResolutionLCD BrightnessDisplay Interface
VMD 1000 VMD 10007''800 x 480 pixels500 nits (typical)propritary LVDSREVIEW
VMD 1001 VMD 10017''800 x 480 pixels500 nits (typical)Direct VGAREVIEW
VMD 2000 VMD 20008''800 x 600 pixels400 nits (typical)propritary LVDSREVIEW
VMD 2002 VMD 20028''800 x 600 pixels400 nits (typical)Integrated one cable with VGA, PWR and USBREVIEW
VMD 3002 VMD 300210.4''1024 x 768 pixels1200 nits (typical)4 x CVBS, 1 x VGAREVIEW